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Written by thefalcon2k on 3/9/2020 at 12:09pm in Announcements

In the next couple days, the new enhancements that you see with Team Falcon will make their way to Joe’s World.  A modified header (without the social part) will replace the tabbed system that has been a part of my layout since its creation in 2007.  This is a huge change, not just for the site, but for me as well.  This expansion was a project to see how much better it could look considering the amount of content that’s planned in the future, and it’s an amazing change for sure!  Like I said, that tabbed bar was part of the original layout, and it’s still weird to look at Team Falcon (just that site for now) without it.

On the flipside, though … from a programming standpoint, there’s less code being used, less files present, and the Falcon layout officially has built-in menus rather than PHP workarounds.  The new menu layout will make its way to my blog here and The Xbox Universe during the week.

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Written by thefalcon2k on 3/7/2020 at 5:35pm in Announcements

With the recent launch of Falcon 3, we made a decision to discontinue the beta site of Team Falcon to get more use out of our limited SQL servers.  With that, it limits what can/can’t be done on the site.  As you can see, there are some minor differences with our header compared to Team Falcon.  That’s because there is no need for a social network here as well, and we can not combine those networks.  This may change in Falcon 4, but that will require a lot more patience, and a ton of new programming.  At the same time, it will (once again) save on our limited SQL servers.

Throughout 2020, this site may experience some issues as we consider testing out this new feature.

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Written by thefalcon2k on 3/4/2020 at 2:56pm in Announcements

A couple months ago, I had written out a potential schedule of things that I had planned, and even with my (accidental) server reset, I still managed to get things released on time and with a different look.  This look ended up much better than I wanted, and I’m still kinda ironing things out.  Falcon 3 sees 3 new key things:

  • New Login/Profile/Social Options
    Team Falcon is moving from Mighty Networks to PeepSo for our social options as we’re able to further integrate social features into the site.  Team Falcon will be the one stop place for everything social … without all of the political BS in the middle of it.
  • Falcon Live changed
    Our plan was to have Falcon Live be able to handle Mixer, Twitch & YouTube and have it all be one page.  The intended plan was that what shows up on the page is what is being used at the time.  But, further thoughts into the idea would make that idea a mess because we do support the people we’re following as well.  So, we had to think of another plan.  With the new navigation options up top, we were able to accomplish that plan in a cleaner format.  Plus, what if you didn’t want to watch a live stream, but an archive?  There’s nothing wrong with that!
  • Team Falcon Mobile
    I won’t lie, looking at Team Falcon branded sites on a mobile device sucks.  Other than the navigation menu changes, the mobile upgrade is another thing we’re rolling out on a site-by-site basis.

Websites that are exempt from the navigation changes are:

  • Joe’s World (this site)
    My personal blog won’t be on the network navigation for 2 reasons … first, the entire server is different from Team Falcon & Falcon Live so user accounts do not sync together.  Second, as the network’s creator & designer, there’s still access to it by clicking my name on the Copyright bar on the bottom of every single page.
  • The Xbox Universe
    The Xbox Universe has their own social network as well with the same programming.  I am part owner of the site, hence the matching design with creative freedom.  An agreement was made that TXU’s “right side” will not include Team Falcon branded content as TXU is technically owned by Rewind Hosting.
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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/29/2020 at 1:48pm in Announcements

Since being officially moved into the Team Falcon server, there’s been some changes that I would like to address.  First, as noted on the Team Falcon site, the navigation bar on top has received a little bit of a makeover.  On the left side, you see tabs that are in relation to the website.  On the right, the different websites that are part of the Team Falcon network.  While The Xbox Universe is part of the Team Falcon network, a mutual agreement was made that we maintain the design & programming, but its services are owned by Rewind Hosting.  Team Falcon has no affiliation with Rewind Hosting other than the mutual programming agreement of The Xbox Universe.

And Second, you’re probably confused with the login system.  Joe’s World is not integrated into the login system, nor will it be.  Joe’s World is just the personal thoughts of the boss, along with some other bonus content.  Joe’s World is also the new home of Team Falcon Beta, minus the login system.  We had some thoughts and Team Falcon Beta was probably the most “idle” site, and Joe’s World was the most “outdated” site as it was not on the Team Falcon domain before.  Why not put them together, get use out of it, and do all the testing all at the same time?

Rewind Permalink | 0 Comments 
Written by thefalcon2k on 2/24/2020 at 11:26am in Announcements

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Team Falcon network saw a crash that took down the entire network.  The biggest problem now is that the PHP editor will not update through the WordPress system, and files must manually be uploaded making the work much harder to do.  We hope that this is only a temporary thing and that we can find the issue sooner rather than later.  As noted on Team Falcon, there’s good news that comes with this … both the main site and beta site are now synced together, thus making feature updates a little easier at this point.

Come to think of it, having to manually upload each file may ensure that our backups are 100% accurate as well.

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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/13/2020 at 3:05pm in Announcements

One of the things I want to eventually do (if I got a personal studio again) is bring back blogcasting.  In 2007, I started a new venture in creating these shows at least once a month, and while it wasn’t 100% professionally done in that time, it was still a lot of fun to do.  Also, at that time, I had an occasional co-host who loved this work as much as I did.  At the time, we were the Small Town Gamers.  Just 2 local guys from a small town who loved gaming.

Once I get them uploaded, you’ll get to hear the first 11 episodes that were done either just by myself, or with my co-host.  We did at least 20, but some of my archival discs were unfortunately damaged while moving from one house to another.  This was also before cloud storage was reasonably priced.

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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/12/2020 at 6:17pm in Announcements

When I created my blog just 2 years ago, I was modifying its design for the first time in at least 12 years.  I had a To-Do List created off-site, and I was slowly getting things done from that list … one by one.  About a week later, I decided to make that list public and have it on the main site.  Not too long after that, the list grew dramatically (as it still does today).  In December 2019, I did a “soft launch” of a beta version of the Team Falcon site and moved the list over there, cleaning up the main site a lot.  The beta site was created so I can (figuratively) take a break on a project that’s being stubborn and continue it the following day without any worry of downtime.  Just today, I opened the list to clear off some items that I completed, and I was amazed to see that I cleared off 6 huge items, and the list is (probably) the most complete that I have seen in the last year.


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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/7/2020 at 11:11pm in Uncategorised

So, I decided to write out a Changelog for you guys to see just how things are going with my design.  And, when I looked at the different sites that are using this design:

  • Joe’s World (this site)
  • Team Falcon / Falcon Live
  • The Xbox Universe (officially re-launching in March 2020)

It actually gave me a really great idea, with some of the innovation behind Apple (with iPhoneOS and MacOS).  While this design isn’t necessarily an Operating System or site programming in itself (we’re actually using WordPress), the fact that I can write out such an amazing site within an amazing program like WordPress really shows what can be done if you can really put your mind to it.  A wise person once told me that there’s a meaning behind the word “fail”.  It’s actually written as F.A.I.L. which means First Attempt In Learning.  When I created my first WordPress blog back in 2015, I looked at all of the different designs that were available, and each theme had their own “pro” list and their own “con” list.  So, I picked a theme that worked best for me with what I was working on.  Eventually, other things got my attention and I was not on the blog as much as I used to.  So, I shut it down.


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Written by thefalcon2k on 2/4/2020 at 7:43pm in Announcements

Well, things are starting to get back on track.  Over at Team Falcon, I was looking to get a Gaming section up and going, and all of a sudden, I was getting mixed reactions from my business partner from Rewind Hosting.  Not too long after that, he finally got an agreement to get the old domain back up and we would essentially be starting over.  As much as I hated doing that, but the way I think about it, we’d be starting over regardless of where the gaming thing goes.

But, here’s where the plans change.  Instead of a full gaming section, we’d be focusing on Xbox only just like our original plan.  As much as I wanted to expand and have a team, that wasn’t likely gonna happen anytime soon.  In just 3 weeks time, The Xbox Universe will be back up and running, and to familiarize things for everybody, this is the layout that will be used.  What you see here and on Team Falcon is what you will see on the all-new TXU.

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Written by thefalcon2k on 1/14/2020 at 6:41pm in Uncategorised

So, we’re 2 weeks into 2020, and I’m already working on some huge fixes for Team Falcon.  For now, it all starts on the beta site.


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